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This is a collection of usefull links from 2006 through 2007 [revised 10/04/2010 but did not check all links]

Free Open Source Windows [& Other platform] software: - Collection of high quality Free and Open Source Software - GNU Image Manipulation Program [Windows - Linux - Mac] Photoshop replacement - Infra Recorder is a free CD/DVD burning solution for Microsoft Windows - IsoBuster read Iso files with out burning to cd
Other Interesting Sites: G-Zapper - removes Google Search Cookies[& others] - Directory of Start Up processes - Start Up prog lists

Microsoft & Technet
Process Explorer Ver 11.04: [also]
System Internals [home page]

--- PC World links ''

February 2006 MS Memory Diagnostics also see Create a Bootable Thumb Drive Utility [for above] to create a Master Boot Record [MBR]

April 2006 Back Up Tips Windows Hacks

May 2006 101 Favorites Alpha list System Information for Windows

August 2006 PCMS IDE to USB2 Adapter Flash player bug <ver8.0.22 update from Adobe Flash bug info

Sept 2006 uninstall WGA fix WGA [Windows Validation Questionable value] WGA removal tool[good] Tweak UI Strip Formatting from clipboard Program called "Pure Text" PC World tool kit New pc tips Application Add ons [59 Ways to make Software Do More]

Oct 2006 Steve Bass Columnes & Newsletters

Nov 2006 Set up Open DNS - Faster internet access NirSoft free ShellEXViewer lists all menu items MS Patch for Server Service + info [MS06-040 / 921883] MS Fixed Fix for IE6-sp1 [MS06-042 / 918899] MS OE, Off [2] fixes [MS-06 August -Summary]  Windows tips FilMon Util [9x -XP] Shows files running behind scenes

December 2006
January 2007

February 2007 Partition Logic Utility Ubuntu Linux Community Documentation for mounting drives

March 2007 MS Process Explorer Utility MS Power Toys for XP

June 2007
Get Your PC-Based NAS Box Ready to Share pg 128 Remote Desktop Connection [works with win95 to Vista]

August 2007 Pandora Recovery 1.1.20 File Recovery [Undelete]

October 2007
From: "How To Install Service Pack 2 on my old Windows XP CD" pg 136 Autostreamer 1.0.33 Win XP SP2 Update Free ISO Recorder V2 for XP-SP2

December 2007 Linux Tip: Teach Ubuntu to play MP3 files Downloads - Recovering From Disaster(s)

January 2008 Ubentu 7.10 Essential setup tips Ubuntu 7.10 releases [downloads]