Audio Processors
CH11 & 12

From: Microcontroller Projects for Amateur Radio by Jack Purdum, W8TEE

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page last updated 08/22/2021

All of the following is still PRELIMINARY

The following is a project to further explain and clarify the confusing information
presented in chapters 11 and 12 of the book :
Microcontroller Projects for Amateur Radio by Jack Purdum, W8TEE

I would like to hear from anyone who has successfully built either the Pre or Post versions.

To get the current book software source files from the  site make sure that you are logged in and can download the two links below:  [see NOTE]
 As of 8/15/2021, I can not recommend the files below as it is obvious that they have many errors and definitely do not resemble anything published in the Ch11 & 12 of the book.  Examples CH11 not same as book - Ch12 display rotated 180

CH 11:  [2/5/2021] 
Ch 12:   [10/24/2020]
                                   For reference CH-11 from uC Proj 4 AR.pdf  CH-12 from uC Proj 4 AR.pdf

I have finally made some progress and have updated results that still need more work, especially on the software.  I am on the third rewrite of the instructions to install the Portable version of the Arduino IDE with the Teensy add in [will be posted here when finished].  The software issues coupled with the unusual naming conventions and file structure [especially for the Linux instructions] led to this rewrite and simplification. 

The correct Portable installation is especially nice as you can take a flash drive or a USB portable hard drive [The hard drive is necessary for Linux due to permissions that do not work on a FAT formatted flash drive] and run the IDE on any compatible Windows or Mint Linux system.  Truly PORTABLE !  Verified on multiples of each Win7, Win10 and Linux boxes.

I need to note here that there was a minor rant on the Software Controlled Ham Radio group that any library with the "- master" appended must have this removed before installing the library and also mentioned in the  ManualLibraryInstallation.doc in the files area of the web site.  Fortunately, at least in the Portable Installations, this is not the case IF YOU FOLLOW THE IDE INSTRUCTIONS [or mine, as the case may be].  If you read carefully the doc file mentioned above, you will fine out that it does not follow the instructions in the IDE and does a manual install instead of the system [automatic] installation.  In any case all of my Arduino, and Teensy libraries are installed in the proper locations and many have the "-master" appended and compile properly - after following the instructions.







Chapter 11 Post Processor                                Chapter 12 Pre Processor after rotating the screen

I have created several circuit boards to simplify the wiring and revised the schematics
to be more representative of the actual hardware and the supplied & modified software.
Some changes were made to the pin assignments which will affect the software.

New Schematic Diagrams: New Schematic Diagrams 08132021.pdf

New Ch 11 [date TBD] Source code placeholder
Ch 11 Audio Patch fix & note on the User interface [8/16/2021] Tduino_1.53_Fix4Post&
 As of 8/21/2021, The fix above only known to function with Teensyduino v1.53 and Arduino IDE v1.8.13

New Ch 12: [date TBD] Source code placeholder

Detailed Installation Instructions for Arduino IDE and Teensyduino for Windows and Mint Linux
Placeholder for Instructions - under revision #3 [date TBD]

Construction PIX

There was a group buy of three PCB's below in April from JLCPCB and all have been distributed.

There are Gerber files for the three above and two additional  Extender Board Gerbers  Display Adapter Gerbers  8 Push Button Board Gerbers  errors on board 4 Push Button Board Gerbers  error on board
Basically top half of the 8 Button Board.  Two would be required. None were ordered.

On the 8 Button Board positions 1 and 5 the + lead of the LED's were connected to the wrong switch pin.
On the 4 Button only position 1 was wrong.  New gerbers below.
Cut the + lead of the LED away from the bottom pin and connect to the middle pin on 1 & 5 positions.
Make them connect like they are below.  Traces are in Green on bottom side of pcb.

Uxcell switch information Uxcell 8x8mm Push Lock.jpg  8 Push Button Board Gerbers  4 Push Button Board Gerbers  Breadboard Gerbers for later construction
Link to Pix -  K9IVB Bread Board.png


The following documents were distributed to the individuals in the Group buy

PRELIMINARY Documentation for DSP Audio Processor Boards_4-10-2021.pdf

Required Parts Enumeration_4-10-2021.pdf

I am currently working on a detailed set of instructions for installing the portable
version of the Teensyduino into the Arduino IDE for both Windows and Linux.
This is taking a lot more time than I had anticipated.

I am behind on construction of the PCBs so that I can verify the software provided.
I have been able to compile/verify both CH 11 & 12 with some minor changes.
There were no issues with the "-master" in the downloaded zipped Github Libraries
when following the IDE instructions for "Add Zip Library" in the Portable installations.


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