SDR - Softrock - DSP Technical Reference Material

K9IVB Papers
20 Meter Softrock Lite With ICS501M    Synchronous Clocks

Notes on the 20m/30m RXTX Daughter Board

Pick Sheets A Construction aid for RXTX v6.2 20m/30m

K9IVB Software for the Silicon Labs Si570 in VB6 and Excel-VBA
VBA programs [Macros] in all Excel versions require a change to the security settings,
for more detailed explanation see Dan Maguire's [AC6LA] website for a complete discussion.
The Excel programs [written in Office 97 & work in all later versions] also require all of the Math Add-Ins

Initial group of Programs and Source to calculate register values for the Si570 - 250KB
[more info in zip file for this and the two following programs VB6 exe works in Win95 and later versions]

Ham Band Data for Si570, 160M -  6M - most at 20kHz  intervals - 132KB

A calculator for new frequencies in the Xtall V2.4p, V2.4 and V2.1 software. -  260KB
This program also generates the Intel Hex files for each version to reprogram the PIC.

Silicon Labs US Patent reference USP 7,288,998 B2 Oct 30, 2007

Softrock Links & History
Tony Parks Softrock Presentation at Dayton 2006 [AVI] ~51Meg & 22 minutes
You will need Windows Media Player 10 or Nero 7 to view

Tayloe Mixer
Tayloe Mixer, Dan Tayloe N7VE [Pacificon 2004 Presentation - NorCal QRP Club]

Tayloe Patent USP 6,230,000 May 8, 2001  HTML or Images [requires TIFF plug in like Alterna]
Get Alterna plug in [ver 1.8.3 Jun 3, 2007]

Music DSP Frequently Asked Questions 
A very interesting site with links to on line books, methodology and software. 
Think Sound Card DSP not just Music.

Prof. Julius Smith, Stanford University
JOS On-Line Publications

 Why I and Q by VK6VZ - VK6APH  [Radcom January 2007 pp.54-56]

Quadrature Signals: Complex, But Not Complicated by Richard Lyons

A Simple Approach to Learning Digital Signal Processing - Phil Harman - VK6APH [Dayton - 2007]
[PPT + DSP tools Spreadsheets Zipped]   
[Audio  - mp3]

Digital Modulation in Communications Systems An Introduction Application Note 1298 [Agilent]

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing By Steven W. Smith, Ph.D.


Technical Tutorials on Oscillators and Crystals [large files]

The Leeson Effect - Phase Noise in Feedback Oscillators, by Enrico Rubiola  [lecture notes and book]

Quartz Crystal Resonators and Oscillators for Frequency Control and Timing Applications - A Tutorial, by John R. Vig
Three different formats WEBPDFPower Point   [ Web & Power Point include lecture notes]

The Fundamental Theory of Low Noise Oscillators with Special Reference to Some Detailed Designs, by J. Everard

Low Noise Oscillator Design and Performance, by Michael M. Driscoll

Clock Jitter, by R. Temple

An investigation into the phase noise of quartz crystal oscillators, by Brenden Bentley


Analog Devices - Books & Articles

Mixed-Signal and DSP Design Techniques, edited by Walt Kester, Newnes, 2003

The Data Conversion Handbook, edited by Walt Kester, Newnes, 2005

Digital Signal Processing 101 An introductory course in DSP system design
[4 parts] from Analog Dialog 31 & 32
Part-1 , Part-2 , Part-3 , Part-4  [Web based]  or  [pdf]

Wideband CMOS Switches, By Theresa Corrigan [Analog Dialog #38-4]

All About Direct Digital Synthesis [Analog Dialog #38-3]

An in-depth tutorial on DDS technology

 AN-837: DDS-Based Clock Jitter Performance vs. DAC Reconstruction Filter Performance

AN-823: Direct Digital Synthesizers in Clocking Applications  
Time Jitter in Direct Digital Synthesizer - Based Clocking Systems