Munin 2

100W HF Power Amplifier

page last updated 01/13/2018

Link to Munin 3

Kjell's latest updates on Output Transformers & revised Schematic May 7, 2015

Everything in one tidy ZIP file

Schematic only in pdf format

or if you prefer direct links to HamSDR

ICOM Transformer   Schematic  &   Doc File

Group Buy and Build Information

Original Schematic

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New Schematic for 24VDC operation 12/5/2013

New Munin Schematic Details.pdf

New revisions to eliminate the pot 09032014
New Bias Circuit For Munin2.pdf


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Just the PCB no parts

Note: Replace C25, C26 and C27 [200pf, 200pf, 470pf]
with four (4) 220pf 500V NPO/COG 1206
Mouser part # 581-12067A221J or 80-C1206C221JCG




Munin_L4_Construction_With_ BN-61-002_06272013.pdf




Heatsink Drill Drawing-3.pdf
Note: If you are drilling your own heatsink and need a template use the version 3 drawing.
The Drill Table dimensions are correct on the "Heatsink_Drill_Table_06092013.pdf"
but the location of the "T1H" hole is low [Thanks to Mike KF4BQ for pointing this out]

Note: the Spreader is 1/4" thick not 3/16" as indicated on drawing



  Flange Strip Marked and drilled

  Heatsink with Heat spreader and 1/4" spacers

KF4BQ Built up a complete Munin2 from his own Parts supply
so some of the parts below are not the same as the BOM
For a full size picture click here

One of Kjell's  Munin2 Boards

For a full size picture click here

Munin Tests from Kjell

K9IVB's Board
With Belden 9258 RG-8X braid used on L4 and ground straps

For a full size picture click here


Another project that is going to work with Munin 2 or Pennywhistle
that allows me to use my HF Projects LPF-100  Low Pass Filters

Alternate Alex TX Full Size Pix

Revised TX Gerbers as of 6/16/2015 [zip format]

Alternate Alex RX Full Size Pix

Revised RX Gerbers as of 11/28/2014 [zip format - C7 moved]

Links to some excellent programs that you may want, need or require

Graphisme et utilitaires - PhotoFiltre ver 6.53
[in Downloads - which is located in top left Left column]
Extract to anywhere and run. Nice program and features. Simple editing & easy to use

Dassault Systems DraftSight - Free DWG reader editor

Schindler & Shill Gmbh -  GerberLogix V280 Gerber viewer - great program

Now an even better solution to Micro$oft Office is Kingsoft Office a FREE cross platform program for Windows Android and Linux.  Windows version reads & writes Office 97 to 2010 formats.

The following two links provide info and the program to add in to MS Office the capability to read/write Open Office / Liber Office files in MS Office versions XP/2002 and 2003, in most cases.  MS Office 2007 Suite SP2 has  the converters built in.

Description of Office Compatibility Pack Service Pack 2

Open XML / ODF Translator Add-ins for Office

Or you may want to install the Free Liber Office Program from here.